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Too often charitable and community organizations do not have the workspace or support services they need to forward their mission, grow their community, or support a larger movement. Volatile real estate markets and limited budgets make it difficult for nonprofits to maintain affordable workspace and retain professional staff. In the changing economic reality, ensuring our nonprofit sector has quality, efficient operations is urgent.



Across North America and around the globe, thousands of community, philanthropic, government and private sector leaders are investing in nonprofit shared services and building projects to promote healthy, vibrant communities. Through our creation, operation, and promotion of sustainable workspace and administrative services for nonprofits, Clare Oasis Center will become a leader in this burgeoning movement. We partner with institutions and individuals like you to create long-term solutions to the nonprofit space and infrastructure crisis.



We are committed to creating quality, stable workspace, shared services and programmatic collaborations for social change nonprofits. We are partnered with nonprofit centers and shared service organizations through peer education, consulting and advisory services to nonprofit practitioners and their philanthropic, government, and business partners.



Clare Oasis Center’s expertise in nonprofit centers was formed in response to the ongoing difficulties that social change organizations and nonprofits have in finding quality, affordable work and program space. Workspace is often the second largest budget item after salaries. Lack of affordable space has forced dislocation on many nonprofits, both in times of economic boom – due to rising commercial rents – and in times of government and funding cutbacks.



The Clare Oasis Center is an effective social investment with the ability to provide tenant organizations with shared supportive services and meeting spaces, as well as opportunities for collaboration and cost-sharing to support their missions. The Clare Oasis Center will also provide a hub for community organizing and economic development. Stable costs and increased visibility create employment opportunities for local residents and support local businesses. To date, hundreds of multi-tenant nonprofit centers, similar in mission, to The Clare Oasis Center, have been created across the country-regionally and internationally.

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