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Objectives -- Bayview



The Clare Oasis Board of Directors established and annually reviewed the following
operating objectives in service to our clients, residents, community and the
world for the years 2002 until 2005:


Objective 1:        To be an oasis 

      Action Step 1.1:        Provide a place and space where all are welcome

      Action Step 1.2:        Create an environment where one rests the body, mind, spirit and soul 

      Action Step 1.3:        Respect and honor each individual’s story as sacred

      Action Step 1.4:        Design personalized workshops, presentations, teachings and retreat experiences

                                       taking into consideration unique needs,  desires and time availability.


Objective 2:        To model stewardship as a way of life

      Action Step 2.1:        Recognize all: people, creation, things, thoughts and opportunities as gift

      Action Step 2.2:        Make wise decisions about how to most effectively use our opportunities

                                       considering all aspects of life: Time, Abilities, Knowledge, Money and Relationships

      Action Step 2.3:        Cultivate and promote a community-based model of mutual support and service            

      Action Step 2.4:        Demonstrate care for the world by preserving and protecting the environment and

                                       resources that nurture us


Objective 3:        To equip and empower

      Action Step 3.1:        Listen and respond with love, compassion, sensitivity and acceptance to

                                       the hurting, questioning, hungry and individuals seeking a second chance

      Action Step 3.2:        Serve and enable individuals to discover and celebrate their full-potential

                                       and purpose

      Action Step 3.3:        Provide life-skill, spirituality and wellness opportunities that will make a

                                       positive difference in peoples lives        

      Action Step 3.4:       Stock up on caring, healing, training and guiding resources                                               

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