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History, although sometimes made up of the few acts of the great, is more often shaped by the many acts of the small. (Mark Yost)

The History

Clare Oasis Inc was the fruit of prayer of its Founder, Sister Mary Rose Accetturo. On August 2, 2001, the Franciscan Feast of Our Lady of the Angels of the Portiuncula, the mission and vision of a "Multi-Purpose Center" with office spaces, a retreat center, a youth center, residential space, worship space, banquet rooms, auditorium, theater and gym originated and was entered in a journal for a future time.


Clare Oasis was founded on Judeo-Christian principles, in the tradition of St. Clare and St. Francis.


Clare Oasis Inc sponsored:


In 2001, Clare Oasis House of Prayer & Healing, whose fundamental focus is to embrace and walk with each person with reverence and love by means of Prayer, Presence, Spiritual Formation and Life Enrichment opportunities which foster hope and healing. The ministers provide: Retreat Ministry; Spiritual Direction; Reiki; Relaxation Therapy; Pastoral Counseling; Life Coaching.


In 2003, Open Door & Heart Ministry, whose mission is to provide a Spirit centered “home” for women (18+ years), rooted in the Word, in a community setting that is multicultural, safe, nurturing, supportive, confidential and non-judgmental.

Historical Markers

A historical marker tells a story...it is an indicator to commemorate an event or a person of historic interest. The following are some key Clare Oasis memory making moments…

August 2, 2001

Clare Oasis was founded by Mary Rose Accetturo, SFFC on August 2, 2001.

Sister Mary Celine Stein, Community Leader of the Franciscan Sisters of St Clare, gave her blessing for the building of this center on August 10, 2001.

The initial mission of Clare Oasis was to be a place of welcome and gathering for individuals, groups and organizations. Clare Oasis provided a “home like” facility which was host to:  Retreats, Workshops, Recovery Programs, Prayer Groups, Ministers, Spiritual Direction, Divine Movement, Pastoral Counseling, Relaxation Therapy, Life Skill Building Events, Social Events, Women in Transition and to the Local Community for Private and Communal Prayer.

Our First Building
July 3, 2002

Clare Oasis House of Prayer & Healing received the keys to 1039 E Russell Ave, Bay View WI 53207.

The building is part of the Immaculate Conception Parish complex: Originally the Mercy Sisters Convent and later the Men's Salvatorian Novitiate House.

After months of preparation, The layout of the Clare Oasis House of Prayer included:

First Floor -- Worship Space for 80, Dining Room for 25, Living Room for 30, Blessing Room, Hospitality Office and a Kitchen where everyone seemed to gather;

Second Floor – Several small rooms with one chair, music and reflection resources for people to just come and be…Each room was decorated to honor the respective Spiritualities: Marian, Desert, Celtic, Hispanic, Native American, African and Jewish Heritage;

Third floor -- Provided temporary living space for women in transition.

Our First Visitor
August 11, 2002

Clare Oasis welcomed John Michael and Viola Talbot and Friends who joined us in our celebration of the Feast of St. Clare.

John Michael Talbot, at the age of 18, was performing across the U.S. with the rock group Mason Proffit. His group was one of the forerunners of country rock.

In 1982 he moved to Eureka Springs, Arkansas and founded "The Little Portion Hermitage". Today this community, "The Brothers and Sisters of Charity," is the only community in North America with canonical status from the Catholic Church and one of only ten communities in the world to encompass celibates, single people, married couples and families.  

Welcome Home Women
February 10, 2003

Clare Oasis initiated the Open Door & Heart Ministry.


The kindness of many assisted us in being able to provide food, clothing, shelter, medical treatment, life skills, employment guidance and advocacy to women who needed a second chance.


During the two and a half years of this program, we provided a temporary home for 40 women. 

Re-Visiting Mission
October 1, 2005

Clare Oasis Office moved to the Marian Center of Nonprofits, 3195 S Superior Street, Loretto Hall Ste 212, Milwaukee WI 53207.


The Marian Center’s Loretto Hall was constructed in 1904 as St. Mary's Academy, a high school for young women.  The Marian Center for Nonprofits was then created in September 1991 to preserve the heritage and the fabric woven into St. Mary’s Academy. The classrooms are converted to affordable  offices for other nonprofit organizations.


After brainstorming and developing new partnerships, Clare Oasis continued its life and spiritual enrichment services and programs to individuals, groups and the community anew: Holding meetings at varying locations; Supporting women in transition now in their homes; Facilitating Retreats and Presenting Workshops offsite, at other centers across the states.  


In 2010, Clare Oasis leased a larger space within the Marian Center for Nonprofits located at its current address. The Leadership Team declared their commitment to engage in revisiting the organizational vision, mission, and core values for the purpose of determining future next steps. 


Expanding Mission
March 23, 2010

Clare Oasis committed to expanding Mission...to become a Multi-Tenant Center for Nonprofits.

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